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Golf Courses

For golf green applications the requirement is usually for a dense, compact, closely mown sward to provide a slick, fine, good looking surface.

Subject to soil types, INTURF Masters provides the basis of a good potential surface and, because of the limited types suitable for this application, the choices are confined to the various cultivars or varieties and mixtures of bents and fescues.

If the golf green is newly developed, and is being constructed from the highest quality imported rootzones with formal drainage and irrigation installed, a strong favourite would be INTURF Custom Grown Turf in an INTURF Masters type fescue bent, but grown on a sand (USGA) or sand/soil/peat mixture.

A period of between nine and twelve months notice is usually required to produce the appropriate turf. Occasionally there is surplus stock of greens turf grown on imported rootzone and it is worth contacting Inturf to see if there is any free stock available of this particular material.

For golf tees, green approaches and fairways the choice, in the main, comes down to an INTURF 4 (non rye type) or INTURF Classic (dwarf perennial ryegrass/smooth stalked meadowgrass and fescue) mixture. Again, these turf types can be selected from Inturf’s standard range or can be grown to order through our custom grown service.

“It looks more suitable for growing carrots”

Andy Atkinson, ICC Grounds Inspector on Bermuda's new pitch

Here are some examples of installations undertaken by Inturf


To maximise the benefits of a good playing surface that always has a pleasing appearance, a high level of maintenance with appropriate equipment will be required.