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  • Terracottem tub planting

    Planters, Tubs & Containers

    A Guide to using TerraCottem Universal Soil Conditioner in planters, tubs and containers.

TerraCottem® - Planters, Baskets, Troughs, Tubs & Containers

TerraCottem® can be used alone or to complement other methods, materials and techniques.

The rates and methods are general guidelines and may vary according to the climate, type of soil, quality of water, etc., and recommendations of the project manager, architect or consultant. We highly recommend that you contact your distributor for accurate rates.


  • More blooming
  • Longer flowering season
  • Less wilting
  • Reduced watering frequency

“How can you play on a pitch you can't stand up on?”

Harry Redknap

TerraCottem® Application Rates - Planters, Baskets, Troughs, Tubs & Containers

Rates (Metric)

5 kg per m3 growing media, or 5 grams per litre growing media.

Rates (Imperial)

8.5 pounds (avoirdupois) per yd3 growing media, or 0.8 ounces (= 3 teaspoons) per US gallon growing media.

TerraCottem® Application Method - Planters, Baskets, Troughs, Tubs & Containers

  • Planters Tubs and ContainersMix TerraCottem® completely with growing medium.
  • Plant or seed in this mixture.
  • Water thoroughly.