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Horse Racing Tracks

Horse racing tracks generally require a less refined turfgrass, which will stand a sward of hardwearing and longer length growing grasses.

A mixture of dwarf perennial ryegrass, rough stalked meadowgrass, Timothy and fescue dominant mixtures are usually employed. Inturf recommend a coarse grown dwarf perennial ryegrass mixture with some smooth stalked meadowgrass and fescue content—basically a hardwearing INTURF Classic type turf.

Owing to the importance of stability when laid, it is essential to allow a good few months for any new or repaired turf area to establish properly and the turf format would be a choice of standard thickness, Thick Cut or Lay ‘n’ Play Fibre Turf depending on speed of establishment required.

Existing soil/rootzone types will have a bearing on the turf selected, and its format, whether Standard Roll, Big Roll, Lay ‘n’ Play or Fibre Reinforced. The latest Rubber Crumb Reinforced Turf would also be a consideration. Inturf will endeavour to match the soil/rootzone type as closely as possible in this situation.

“How can you play on a pitch you can't stand up on?”

Harry Redknap

Here are some examples of installations undertaken by Inturf