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Bowling Greens & Croquet Lawns

Bowling greens and croquet lawns usually demand a refined, dense, compact, closely mown sward in order to provide a slick, fine and good looking surface.

INTURF Masters provides the basis for a potentially superb playing surface and, because of the limited turf types suitable, the choices are confined to the various cultivars or varieties of bent and fescue grasses that are on offer and the proportions in which they are used.

If the bowling green or croquet lawn is newly developed, and is being constructed from the highest quality imported rootzones and drainage materials, a strong favourite would be INTURF Custom Grown Turf.

A period of twelve months notice is usually required to produce the appropriate turf. However, if the requirements are of a more general nature, quality INTURF Masters turf grown on an imported 80/20 rootzone would meet them, and Inturf could well have this material available from stock.

Please consult Inturf before making a decision to order bowling green or croquet lawn turf (essentially INTURF Masters) as it may be that a different type of turf is recommended once particular requirements are known.

“Bad putting is due more to the effect the green has upon the player than it has upon the action of the ball”

Bobby Jones

Here are some examples of installations undertaken by Inturf


To maximise benefits of a good playing surface that always has a pleasing appearance, a high level of maintenance with appropriate equipment is required.

To develop a bowling green/croquet lawn finish, one must first of all purchase a good quality ‘professional’ type mower together with various items of equipment such as top dresser, scarifier, aerator, fertilizer distributor and chemical sprayer. Furthermore, the frequency of attention would be almost daily during the growing season to maintain a fine consistent surface.