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Parks & Playing Fields

Parks and playing fields demand a low maintenance, hard wearing turf to keep pace with the increasing demands from local authorities, schools and government facilities.

Unless the park area is in a prestigious location and ‘Keep off the Grass’ signs are in evidence, Inturf would recommend either INTURF Lawn or INTURF Classic turf in standard format.

For feature park areas that don’t carry any pedestrian traffic and are designated areas of special importance, consideration could be given to INTURF Masters, providing levels of maintenance are higher than average.

Before selecting a suitable turf type, consideration should be given to soil types, existing drainage, general topography and maintenance skills.

If urgent repair work or a new facility is required, the dimension format of the turf has to be considered, such as INTURF Custom Grown, Thick Cut Big Roll and/or Lay ‘n’ Play Fibre Turf. Otherwise standard turf should be more than adequate.

“Bad putting is due more to the effect the green has upon the player than it has upon the action of the ball”

Bobby Jones

Here are some examples of installations undertaken by Inturf

Taking our turf to the Rock

Commonwealth Park Gibraltar

An example of Britain’s gardening heritage is now forming the centre-piece of a new park on Gibraltar thanks to the turf growing prowess of Yorkshire business INTURF following the design created by leading designers LANDFORM CONSULTANTS.

The new COMMONWEALTH PARK on the island includes a publicly accessible grassed area of 4000 square metres - a landscape first for Gibraltar - on which local people can relax, just as they do in parks and public gardens in the UK.

The construction of the new park was undertaken by Gibraltar Joinery and Building Services whose site manager, Jeremy Rogers, describes the long process which converted a former car park into a much needed public open space. “A major part of the project was the removal and recycling of the car park surface and the re-location of the services which ran underneath it,” he says. “The soil was produced from spoil from various sites within Gibraltar with material screened and the earth from the process being mixed with nutrients to create a soil which would support the trees and shrubs - as well as form a substrate for the turf. Everything was done to the specification devised by Tim o’Hare Associates – who are pre-eminent in the field - to ensure that planting could cope with the local conditions.” 

Once the ground was prepared, JBS turned to Inturf to deliver and install turf to a specification which would both withstand the anticipated pounding the sward would receive whilst delivering the aesthetic appeal sought in the design concept. There is no tradition of grassed areas in public open spaces on Gibraltar. Sports pitches, for example, are almost all of artificial turf.

“As well as producing the turf at our Yorkshire turf farm the challenge was to deliver it field fresh to Gibraltar – four days drive away,” says Alex Edwards, Inturf joint managing director. “To help the turf establish in such challenging conditions we incorporated TerraCottemīŖ¨ into the substrate to improve water retention and the accessibility of nutrients in the soil.”

Four refrigerated vehicles made the journey which included negotiating the border and customs control with Spain since, whilst the territory is part of the EU, it is not part of the
EU Trade Agreement.

“INTURF were professional and efficient at every stage,” says Jeremy Rogers. “The turf and installation crew arrived bang on time and acclimatised very quickly to lay the turf exactly to schedule. The turf is establishing nicely and we are on schedule for a public opening of the new park in the early summer.”

You can dowload a pdf with the full story and more pictures here