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Tennis Courts & Cricket Squares

Tennis courts and cricket squares require a special type of turf, principally because the performance of these playing surfaces is measured in terms of firmness, trueness of bounce and speed, and is more crucial than the grass cover or the cosmetic appearance.

In order to achieve the required ‘ball bounce effect’ the rootzone employed would ideally contain a high percentage of clay and Inturf usually grow this special material to order as part of their custom growing service. However, some free stock is often available and it is worth contacting Inturf to check.

Grass types have altered over the years for these applications, and at one time mixtures of bents and fescue grasses were the norm. Today, dwarf perennial ryegrasses comprise the predominant grass stand which provides a more ‘open’ sward, keeping the turf more healthy and less susceptible to disease.

This turf is normally supplied in standard thickness or Big Roll format and would require two months during spring and summer and four months during autumn and winter to establish, ready for play.

For village club tennis or cricket, and where there are budgetary constraints, a standard INTURF Lawn or INTURF Classic turf can be specified on a heavier indigenous soil type - for which Inturf usually has some stock - but the results will not be quite so good as with a formal clay based rootzone. In this situation, consideration also has to be given to existing soil types, and Inturf would aspire to match this as closely as possible from their standard range of turf.

“I always thought a yard was three feet, then I started mowing the lawn.”


Here are some examples of installations undertaken by Inturf