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TerraCottem® Universal Soil Conditioner

TerraCottem® reduces the amount of water necessary to create high-quality plants and turf, by up to 50%.

Originally developed by scientists from the University of Gent (Belgium) to combat desertification in U.N. and other humanitarian projects in Africa, the product is used today by professionals and consumers in more than forty-five countries worldwide to improve the quality and success of their work while reducing water consumption, in landscaping, sport, horticulture, reforestation and gardening.

  • Terracottem UniversalHelps retain water for plants and turf and speeds their establishment
  • Reduces water consumption by up to 50%
  • Dramatically improves establishment of root system
  • Improves plant health
  • Works more effectively than any single polymer or fertilizer product
  • A mixture of more than twenty hydro absorbent and nutritive components


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“I always thought a yard was three feet, then I started mowing the lawn.”


TerraCottem® Wins the Waterwise Marque

Waterwise MarqueIn March 2007, TerraCottem® soil conditioner was awarded the Waterwise Marque in recognition of its contribution to the reduction of water usage.

The Waterwise Marque highlights the most water efficient products available on the market.

In the current climate of drought the UK is running out of water and it is becoming increasingly important for consumers to save water and purchase water efficient products.

The Marque enables consumers to make more informed decisions on which products to buy.

Planting annuals with TerraCottem® Universal
(home gardening)

Planting annuals in containers with TerraCottem® Universal
(professional use)

Planting a tree with TerraCottem® Universal

Seeding and planting flower beds using TerraCottem® Universal

Interview with John Murray, South Perth's Open Space Manager talks about his experiences with TerraCottem®