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  • Celtic Manor Golf Green Ryder Cup

    When Only the Best Will Do

    World class sporting venues require world class playing surfaces. People who know turf know Inturf.

INTURF Custom Grown Turf

Our Custom Grown Turf is a combination of most grass varieties and soil analysis, grown to your exact construction specification.

Inturf's Custom Grown Turf was used to grass The Wisely, a 27-hole golf complex and one of the UK's most exclusive golf clubs.

Soils & Seed

For Custom Grown Turf, Inturf buys in specified rootzone material which is spread to various thicknesses over prepared areas and maintained to the very highest turf cultural practices in keeping with the proposed application.

Inturf use grass seed selected and blended exclusively from the top few seedhouses in Britain, to the highest standards of purity and germination and chosen from the top cultivars listed in the Sports Turf Research Institute Turfgrass Seed booklet.

“How can you play on a pitch you can't stand up on?”

Harry Redknap

Maintenance Requirements

We employ the best and most advanced equipment for intensive management of all turf production. From pedestrian grass mowers, triple ride-ons, hydraulically operated gang mowers, scarifiers, vacuum sweepers, full irrigation equipment and so on, just as a small example.

The Company also employs a number of fully qualified greenkeepers and groundsmen.

A hot weather warning
We put so much effort into growing excellent turf, and our customers put so much into laying it, that the last thing we want is for people to lay turf that is doomed to fail.
So, if the daytime temperature is consistently over 20◦ and the humidity is high, the thousands of little grass plants in the turf roll (there could be up to 850 plants per square foot) will struggle to establish and flourish. It will be best to wait until things change to lay the turf, for example a fall in temperature is predicted or rain is promised. (Of course, established turf will bounce back from even prolonged periods of heat and drought and look as lovely as ever.)
Follow our advice and your new turf should do well and add real value to your garden or landscape. Ignore it and all your hard work could be for nothing.