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  • Garden by the Sea

    Take it With a Pinch of Salt

    Really Tough Turf is ideal for inhospitable conditions such as by the sea where salts are prevalent.

  • Park in London

    A Walk in the Park

    Really heavy footfall? It's just a walk in the park for Really Tough Turf.

  • Grass in Shady Area

    Happy to Live in the Shadows

    Great for shaded areas with lower than normal light levels.

INTURF Really Tough Turf

Drought tolerant, its deep roots keep the grass green and help it cope with the worst conditions.

At some times of year it's really difficult to keep grassed areas looking green and lush - especially in areas that are heavily-used or are free-draining.

Really Tough Turf from Inturf has been developed to help overcome these problems. Its unusually long root system draws water and nourishment from deep in the soil to help the grass plants keep growing and looking green - whatever the conditions.

But it isn't only in dry conditions that Really Tough Turf comes into its own. Those deep roots mean that it can do better in the kind of shady areas where other turf might struggle, in salty areas such as seaside or roadside, and they also mean that it can survive after floods far better than other types.

“How can you play on a pitch you can't stand up on?”

Harry Redknap

Where it Works

  • In gardens and landscapes that take a heavy pounding
  • In shaded areas with lower than normal light levels
  • On projects where quick establishment is needed and little irrigation is possible
  • In areas that are prone to occasional flooding
  • In salty places such as seaside and roadside verges
  • In projects where there is a long term aim to reduce water usage for irrigation.

How it Works

  1. Many grasses have quite shallow roots which means that when the ground dries out near the surface the grass dries up too: its water supply has been cut off! Similarly, if the ground floods, shallow rooted plants can sometimes drown very quickly.
  2. Really Tough Turf from Inturf has roots that run so deep they are well away from the heat of the sun and are thus far less prone to drying out in prolonged periods of drought. The grass stays looking greener for longer. Similarly, because the roots are so deep they can often reach beyond the point of most waterlogging in times of flood so the plants are less likely to drown.