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Utility & Luxury Garden Lawns

The description ‘lawn’ can encompass virtually any type of turf grown by Inturf. Generally speaking, lawns fall within two categories: utility - for the ‘average family garden’ and luxury - where a lawn is installed purely for its aesthetic appeal.

For utility lawns, Inturf recommend the use of either INTURF Lawn or INTURF Classic type turf grown on indigenous sandy soils. Either of these will provide a hard wearing surface which will respond well to good maintenance. Apart from mowing and weeding, this type of area requires fairly low levels of maintenance.

For luxury lawns, most people’s idea would be to describe it as ‘bowling green quality’. But there is a slight misconception here as some people believe that this type of turf can be bought off the shelf, laid down and - apart from the odd mowing - can be left to look after itself and sustain a superfine appearance. This of course is not the case: fine turf areas require extremely high levels of management.

Developing a luxury lawn - a ‘bowling green finish’ - requires the use of a good quality professional maintenance equipment and work on the garden almost on a daily basis.

If this is the case, the choices are to employ Inturf standard INTURF Masters turf grown on indigenous sandy soil or, if there is a formal rootzone employed, an INTURF Masters type Custom Grown Turf would also be a possibility. The latter would usually require a period of twelve months notice to produce the appropriate turf. However, from time to time Inturf carry surplus stocks of rootzone produced turf and enquiries are welcomed.

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Here are some examples of installations undertaken by Inturf