TerraCottem Complement

If you have plants, flower beds or any other horticulture elements on your lawn or turf, then it’s important that they receive the correct nutrients and water in order to thrive. When cared for correctly, plants can add a whole new element to your outdoor space, and the TerraCottem Complement soil conditioner is specifically designed to boost them.

Previously, the Universal product in TerraCottem’s range was used for this, but the company realised that a bespoke product was necessary. With this in mind, TerraCottem Complement was born. When applied to soil, TerraCottem Complement replenishes the nutrients that have been consumed by the plants – meaning your plants will constantly have a good source of nutrients and therefore advanced growth. 

As well as this, like all TerraCottem products, Terracottem Complement allows the soil that your plants are living in to better retain water, meaning that you won’t have to water it quite as often, and the overall health of your plants is in the optimum condition.      

At Inturf, our team of experts has been at the forefront of quality turf development for almost 40 years. This includes supplying a wide range of products, like TerraCottem Complement, that perfectly complements your lawn by providing it with all the nutrients it needs to flourish. 

We serve customers throughout York, Pocklington, Grantham and nationwide, so to find out more information, get in touch with our expert team today.

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