Terracottem Turf

Excellent at retaining water and increasing the richness of your soil, TerraCottem Turf is one of the most popular products in the TerraCottem range and brings a variety of benefits to every patch of turf on which it’s applied.

TerraCottem Turf contains zeolite, a natural volcanic mineral that is renowned for its absorption properties. While this alone would ensure that your soil and lawn are far better at retaining water, TerraCottem Turf also features a number of fertilisers and humic acids that enhance this further, while also strengthening soil structure and microbiological activity. All of these features mean that grass will grow quicker, with better root growth and a higher quality of turf no matter what you’re using it for.  

Benefits of using Terracottem Turf

  • Increased water absorption and holding capacity 
  • Reduced need for watering by up to 50% 
  • Better seed germination
  • Stronger root development
  • Resistance to disease 
  • No risk of slow growth
  • Resistance to drought 
  • Longer-lasting surface for sports pitches

At Inturf, as well as being committed to providing our customers with the best turfing options in the UK, we also understand that we have a responsibility to the world around us. With this in mind, we ensure that the products we supply always enhance the environment, something that can be seen with TerraCottem Turf, thanks to the biodiversity it creates.     

If you’re looking for an expert supplier of TerraCottem Turf soil conditioner, Inturf is here to help. Operating across York, Grantham, Pocklington and nationwide, contact our team today to find out more.

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