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Turf Care

Lawn Care Tips for Spring


March Lawn Care Tips

  • Cut straggly grass with carefully set mower, collecting the grass clippings.
  • Brush ground regularly if dry to remove debris.
  • At sign of growth, roll surface with light-to-medium weight garden roller.
  • Brush surface to remove debris.
  • Mow grass, start reducing mowing height gradually (do not remove more than 25%).
  • Always use a grass box.
  • A two-directional 50/50 mowing is best at first.
  • Make sure the mower is set correctly, achieve a clean cut.
  • Two days after first mowing apply Inturf Establish Organic Fertiliser designed for spring/summer applications.
  • If no rain within three days of application, water fertiliser into top soil.

April Lawn Care Tips

  • Apply Inturf Establish Organic Fertiliser mid-month.
  • Apply selective weed killer to broadleaved weeds if required.
  • Apply moss killer if needed. Sulphate of iron is useful to controls moss, invigorate desirable grasses and deepen green colour of overall appearance.
  • Gradually reduce mowing height.
  • Step up mowing frequency to twice weekly.
  • Always remove clippings.

May Lawn Care Tips

  • Scarify area rake to remove dead grass lying in base of sward or "thatch"
  • If a large quantity of material is removed at first pass, scarify every two-to-three weeks during the growing season, until only a small amount of debris is removed.
  • If grass is sparse in areas, over-sow with Inturf Classic Seed mixture by hand or machine, at the rate of approximately 25 grams per square metre.
  • Apply Inturf Premium Top Soil brushed into surface of sward, effectively covering the seeds, approximately 900 kilos (1 bag) per 50 square metre garden.
  • Continue mowing two-to-three times a week and aim to be at an optimum mowing height of between 25mm (1") to 37mm (1¼").
  • Continue routine rolling.
  • Apply Inturf Establish Organic Fertiliser.

Water Saving TerraCottem® - Perfect for Plant Containers and Hanging Baskets

Save water, save time spent watering with TerraCottem® Soil Conditioner which is marketed exclusively in the UK by Inturf.

It is the original proprietary mixture of more than twenty hydroabsorbent and nutritive components that work in synergy to significantly increase the capability of soils and growing media to retain and provide water and nutrients, to improve plant and root growth, and to reduce the amount of water necessary to create high-quality plants.

This makes TerraCottem® the perfect product to mix with growing medium for containerised plants and hanging baskets.

It's so good, it has even been awarded the Waterwise Marque in recognition of its contribution to the reduction of water usage.

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