Not much to be done at this time of the year, but remember to keep the area brushed and raked free from debris to ensure that you don’t attract too much moisture which would lead to disease and pest infestations.

An application of fungicide may prove beneficial, sourced from any good garden centre.

Mowing should slow right down, but if you missed an end-of-season mowing, and to keep the grass looking uniform, pick a nice dry day to cut it.

Over sowing with a little Inturf Classic Seed at a rate of 15 grams per square metre should pay off if there is an unseasonal mild spell, and a light dressing of Inturf Establish at a rate of 30 grams per square metre will help to protect the turf against the vagaries of the winter should bad weather prevail.

Keep off the turf during wet and frosty weather.


If the weather permits, aerate the surface using a solid tine spiking machine or, in smaller areas, a garden fork. Keep the surface free from leaves, twigs and other debris. This helps keep the turf dry and reduces the risk of disease.

Mowing again, possibly once or twice, to maintain a regular height of cut is advisable.


The same procedures apply this month. If there is a hint of spring you might increase the mowing regularity to four times this month ensuring all clippings, if any, are removed.

Again over sowing using a little Inturf Classic Seed will give you a head start in the early spring should the temperature start to climb.

Another application of Inturf Establish controlled release organic fertiliser will definitely help now!

Continue to brush the ground regularly if dry enough to remove any further leaves, twigs, debris, or worm casts.