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Turfgrass is even more efficient than trees at sequestering carbon!

  1. Carbon dioxide is taken out of the atmosphere and absorbed by the millions of grass plants which make up the turf.
  2. The carbon dioxide is locked up in the soil and stored in the roots of the turf. In fact, the benefits of turf to the environment are so wide ranging that life as we know it could not exist without it.

Here are some of the things that turf excels at. Turf...

  1. Absorbs rainfall and reduces run-off
  2. Allows water to percolate down through the soil profile into the aquifers below
  3. Produces oxygen
  4. Absorbs CO2
  5. Stores carbon in the roots and crowns, and locks it up in the form of humus
  6. Cools the surface of the earth
  7. Filters and breaks down pollutants
  8. Creates the perfect surface for leisure and sport - and it looks great too!

How does turf do all this?

Turf is a unique ecosystem comprising not only the above ground parts of the plant but also the below-ground parts and also, crucially, the soil the grass is growing in.

It’s a system of biological interaction between the grass plants and the living organisms within the soil. And all this biology adds up to a system of incredible complexity, diversity and activity, and explains the remarkable properties of turf.

Take a look at our turf grades to find out more about what we produce here at Inturf.

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