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Classic Sports Turf


A very vigorous turfgrass blend. Ideal for winter sports fields and areas of extreme wear and tear such as football, rugby and natural grass thoroughfares and grass airfields. This turfgrass is not matched to any other turf mixture for applications that require grip, great looks, disease tolerance and versatility.


Classic Sports which contains a high percentage of perennial ryegrass meets the demands of football, rugby and other high intensity sports where traction is required under foot. The cultivars of ryegrass we use in Classic Sports Turf have performed well in intensive wear trials at the Sports Turf Research Institute, Bingley. They ranked highly on live ground cover and visual merit during wear. The smooth stalked meadowgrass element of Classic Sports adds to the strength and density of this turfgrass.

Typical seed mixture

  • 25% Bardorado - perennial ryegrass - lolium perenne
  • 25% Barillion - perennial Ryegrass - lolium perenne
  • 25% Miracle - smooth stalked meadowgrass - poa pratensis
  • 25% Sergei - strong creeping red fescue - festuca rubra rubra


This mixture can be mown as low as 15mm with a well adjusted cylinder mower. But it can also be maintained at a height of up to 80mm should it be required. Rotary mowers are the best option for heights of cut above 20mm. The key to maintaining quality is to mow regularly, and never to take more than a quarter of the leaf off at any one time. The longer the grass, the better the turf can cope with adverse weather conditions and high wear. For example, the length of grass is directly proportional to the depth of rooting, which in turn provides better tolerance of wear and tear conditions.


Classic Sports can survive happily on low fertiliser regimes and usually requires a maximum of 150kg Nitrogen per ha per year. This can be provided by two applications of fertiliser - one in the spring and one in the autumn - April & September. Slow release and organic fertilisers are recommended.

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